We inform you that your personal data that we have acquired or are currently in the process of acquiring will be processed in complete respect of the law and the rights granted to you as the “party directly involved”.

Such processing will involve the following operations: the collection by telephonic, telematic or written means from public registers, lists of public acts and documents, and/or public and/or private databases (supplied from commercial information companies), the recording, organisation, conservation and processing using paper, magnetic, automated or telematic support systems, the processing of data collected by third parties, the modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, and inter-connection also to data supplied from other parties on the basis of recurring qualitative, quantitative, and temporal criteria, or others to be defined case by case, the temporary processing for the purpose of the rapid grouping or transformation of the data themselves, the adoption of decisions in automated and/or discretionary form, the creation of profiles and informative notes, the communication, cancellation and destruction of data, or in other words, the combination of two or more of the above-mentioned operations.

In addition to the communication of your personal data to third parties in execution of the obligations prescribed by law or derived from EEC regulations or other directives, we may also communicate such data – even abroad – to the following parties: 1) banks and credit institutes for the purpose of making payments; 2) insurance companies for the purpose of stipulating coverage during shipping; 3) credit recovery, insurance and/or credit granting companies; 4) commercial information companies; 5) consultants and professionals; 6) individual professionals ad professional studios (legal, business expert, auditor, etc.); 7) auditors; 8) other companies, agencies and/or individual persons who perform activities useful for the support or execution of the contracts or services that you have requested (e.g. commercial correspondence and mailing companies, shippers and handlers, sub-contractors). In their role as the “handlers” of these data as per the sense and effect of Italian Privacy Law 196/2003 Art. 28, such parties will proceed to the processing and communication of such data in turn in complete autonomy.

Your personal data will be processed and communicated for the following purposes: 1) the satisfaction of pre-contractual needs (e.g. instructions for offers or your orders, checks into solvency ); 2) the fulfilment of contractual (linked to the supply or purchase of goods and/or services) and legal obligations (e.g. for purposes of accounting, taxation, administration, and liquidity positions); 3) the management of clients and suppliers; 4) the management of credit and risk control (fraud, insolvency, etc.); 5) the management of disputes and granting of credit); 6) financial services instrumental in the management of clients/suppliers and management of electronic payment instruments; 7) insurance services required for the management of clients/suppliers.

You are required to provide your personal data only for the purposes specified in the above-mentioned Point C) from 1 to 7 and therefore your previous consent for the processing of data for such purposes is not necessary. Such data will be processed for the entire duration of the contractual relationship stipulated, and subsequently for the duration required for our fulfilment of our legal obligations and for the conservation of your company profile for the rationalisation of our selection of clients and/or suppliers. Although you have the right to freely refuse consent, such failure to provide the data requested will render the execution of the contractual relationship in force impossible.  E)
The handler of your personal data is Marmo Service S.r.l., with operating office Via Enzo Natta, 24 – 37026 Pescantina   ( Verona) – Italy. Please contact the handler for any request regarding your exercise of the rights specified in Articles 7, 8 and 9 of Privacy Law 196/2003 below.

As regards your personal data, you are in any case entitled to the exercise of the following rights prescribed by Privacy Law 196/2003: Art. 7 Section 1 (…): to obtain the confirmation of the existence or inexistence of your personal data even if not yet recorded, together with the communication of such data in intelligible form; Section 2 (…):to also obtain indication of a) the origin of such personal data; b) the purposes and methods to be used for such processing; c) the logic applied in the case of electronic data processing; d) the identification data of the processing handler and managers of such processing, the parties or categories of party to which such data may be communicated or who might come to acquire knowledge of the same in their role as designated national territory representative and the latter’s managers or operatives. Section 3 (…):to obtain a) the updating, correction or – if you so desire – the integration of such data; b) the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form or freezing of such data processed as prescribed by law, including such data for which conservation is not required in regard to the purposes for which they have been originally collected or subsequently processed; c) certification that the operations mentioned in Letters a) and b) have been communicated or distributed – also in regard to their content – except in the case in which such obligation proves to be impossible or requires the use of means manifestly incommensurate with the right subject to protection; Section 4 (…): to totally or partially oppose a) on legitimate grounds, the processing of your personal data even if pertinent to the purpose of collection; b) the processing of your personal data for the purposes of the transmission of advertising material, direct sales, or the performance of market research or commercial communication (Note: in our processing of your personal data collected for the purposes indicated in above-mentioned 4th Section of Art. 7, we will request your previous and express written consent solicited by means of the appropriate Informative note). Art. 8 Section 1 (…): the rights mentioned in Art. 7 can be exercised through an informal request submitted to the handler of such data or party appointed for the same also by means of a representative provided with suitable power of attorney without delay. Section 2 (…): the rights mentioned in Art. 7, whenever data of objective nature are not involved – can also be exercised by representative unless the correction or integration of evaluative-type personal data regarding subjective-type judgements, opinions or other assessments are involved, together with the indication of conduct to be respected or decisions currently being made by the handler of personal data. Art. 9 Section 1 (…): the request submitted to the processing handler or delegated party responsible for processing can be transmitted a) also by means of registered letter, telefax or e-mail, b) whenever pertinent to the exercise of the rights mentioned in Article 7 Sections 1 and 2, even orally, and in such case summarised in written form by the processing handler or delegated party responsible for processing.

For other information:

MARMO SERVICE S.r.l hereby authorises the display, downloading and printing of the materials contained in the following website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) including the website’s graphic layout, only for the purposes of using the Website as an internal company resource or for personal use and not for purposes of profit in respect of the intellectual property rights governing the materials contained in the website (including photos, illustrations, graphics, animation, videos, texts, icons, drawings and writings, etc.) in defence of MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. or any other party holding such rights. The display of the Website and the downloading of any type of material or support implies the user’s complete acceptance of the Terms of Use provided below. Whenever the user does not feel capable of accepting such terms, he or she is invited not to use this Website. The downloading of certain documents or the use of certain services may require the user’s specific acceptance of other conditions.
Any and all modification of the materials contained in the Website and their copy, reproduction, publication, distribution or use for commercial purposes or in any other Website or computer network is strictly prohibited. MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. and its authorised parties reserve all intellectual property rights not expressly provided in these Terms of Use. Although MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. dedicates the maximum attention to the checking such materials, it cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the contents of its Website. Such materials, including product catalogues and price-lists, may be modified in any moment without warning at the complete discretion of MARMO SERVICE S.R.L., which although committing considerable resources to the purpose, also declines all liability for the updating of the contents of its Website. The information provided in the Website may regard products, programs and services that are not present in the nation of the user, who is obliged to consult the local MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. dealer or consociate by using the links provided in the Website in order to obtain the information required on the products, programs or services available for specific nations and users. The violation of any clause in these Terms of Use immediately invalidates the authorisation for the use of the Website granted by MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. and all the material downloaded and/or printed by the user must be immediately destroyed.

Database protection.
The structure of the Website developed by MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. contains a complex of databases for the selection or arrangement of the materials that represents a creation covered by the intellectual property rights of MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. and/or the other companies who have granted rights to the latter and are therefore protected by Law No. 169 dated 06.05.1999. Communications by users and user privacy rights. The transmission of illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic material and any other material in violation of any applicable law to and storage in the Website or its databases is prohibited. The user’s personal data will be processed by MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. as prescribed by Privacy Law 196/2003. MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. also applies the further minimum measures designed for the protection of client personal data against alteration, destruction, unauthorised and/or non-conforming disclosure, access, and processing. The Website can be visited without providing any personal data at all.

In some cases, MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. may request users to provide personal data that are usually required only to complete registration for a service or in the context of a documents’ download in Download Area. MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. processes personal data also with the use of computerised or telematic processes suited for the memorisation, management, and transmission of such data for the following purposes: the management of Website functions and/or the stipulation of contracts, the creation of reports on the transactions accomplished and the disclosure of the same to the parties involved (e.g. suppliers who offer products or services related to this Website), for purposes of information, and for the implementation of protection measures against electronic fraud regarding the transactions in progress between MARMO SERVICE S.R.L., users and/or third parties. For such purposes, and also in order to allow MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. to fulfil its obligations prescribed by contract and law, MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. may transmit or disclose personal data to its own Information Technology managers or others working for its sub-contractors, who all agree on the basis of agreements signed with MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. to process such information exclusively in respect of the strictest conditions of privacy. In particular, whenever such data are disclosed to third parties, MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. will adopt specific procedures in order to make sure that such third parties proceed in compliance with its own privacy protection policy and every applicable law in question. Cookies.

In accordance with Art. 122 of Law 196/2003, the user is informed that this Website uses Cookies (information files of small size that are memorised by the browser on the computer’s hard disk) in order to keep track of some user data and personalise on-line service. There are two types of cookie: “Temporary” (which remain stored in the computer only for the time required for Website consultation and automatically dissolve at the closure of the browser’s session) and “Permanent” (which remain stored in the user’s computer even after the Website has been abandoned). Only temporary cookies are used by this Website. MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. uses cookies to offer its users personalised services and optimised Website navigation. Although most Web browsers accept these cookies automatically, the user can configure the browser in such way as to refuse cookies or signal the arrival of a cookie in the computer.

Log files. 
Like other companies operating on line, MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. collects and analyses certain technical information coming from the computers of users every time that they visit a Website page. Such information includes the type of browser utilised, the nation of origin, the provider of origin, the address of the latest page visited, and other technical information. MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. either processes and analyses this information directly or designates third parties for such purpose in order to monitor the type of traffic, especially in order to guarantee the Website’s technical security and conduct statistical analyses on the collective behaviour and characteristics of the visitors, using such information anonymously in aggregate form to improve the Website’s quality, content and functions without selling or disclosing such information to third parties. The list of parties to whom MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. communicates such information for these purposes can be requested from the MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. registered office.

The creation of links to the Website depends on the respect of the following conditions. Although a link can be established to the Website following authorisation by MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. case by case, the material contained inside cannot be copied for commercial purposes. Browser frameworks or panels around the content of the Website (“framing”) cannot be created. Linking, permitted by the granting of MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. authorisation, does not imply either directly or indirectly the existence of any form of authorisation or approval of the products and/services provided by third parties by MARMO SERVICE S.R.L.. No relationship of any kind with MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. must be expressed or implied. No false information regarding MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. products or services must be presented. The use of the MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. logo and trademarks is prohibited without the express authorisation of this latter. The Link must not contain or lead to any material that might be considered to be in bad taste, offensive or controversial, and must be suited to vision by users of all ages. Linking must be performed always and only to the Website’s Home Page and to other Website pages only after first obtaining written MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. consent. The origin of the link must not be made through the use of the MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. name, logo or any other trademark unless expressly authorised by such latter in the appropriate MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. licensing contract.  Links to other Websites.
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Website security.
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The Website’s content and functions offered by the latter are supplied “as are” and under no circumstances will MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. or any other company mentioned in the MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. Website or accessed through links provided in the latter be liable to anyone for any reason whatsoever for damages caused by the use or the impossibility to use the Website or any of its links and any of the material and information contained in the same – including implicit copyrights or guarantees of suitability for particular usage – or in regard to the interruption of commercial activity or damage to corporate image. The user also agrees that the processing and transmission of data in the context of the services provided may require the use of other networks and systems, and that for such reason MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. might be required to modify such services for compliance or adaptation to the technical specifications and connection standards of its own networks or their connection programs and equipment. In this sense, the user agrees to allow MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. to modify the general rules of use for such services in any moment whatsoever at its own inalienable discretion without giving rise to any grounds to claims for indemnification of any kind.

Applicable Law.
The MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. Website is managed by MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. with registered office in Via Sicilia, 2 37012 Bussolengo ( Verona) – Italy, and the respective services are directed to users residing in Italian territory. MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. declines all liability whenever the materials in its Website are used outside Italian territory. Accessing this Website from other nations is made at the exclusive risk and responsibility of the user, who assumes all liability derived by the application of the law in the nation of use (to which he or she agrees to comply). These Terms of Use are subject to the provisions of Italian Law. MARMO SERVICE S.R.L. reserves the right to modify such Terms without warning in any moment at all. The use of the Website automatically implies the user’s acceptance of the Terms of Use in force at the moment of use and requires the user to regularly consult both the on-line version of this document and the Website’s operating instructions in order to learn the latest version to be applied by current users of the Website. Any and all modifications made to the personal data processing process will be rendered public in this document without requiring advance notice. Any and all disputes created by the application of these Terms of Use will be subjected to the sentence of the exclusively competent Court of Verona (ITALY).

Rights of the User.
The users has the right to request from the registered office of the handler of personal data – , which in this case is Marmo Service S.r.l., Via Sicilia, 2 – 37012 Bussolengo ( Verona) – Italy – the confirmation of the existence and the origin of a record of his or her personal data, the method by and purpose for which such data has been processed, the updating, correction, and/or integration, cancellation, transfer or freezing of such data whenever illegal processing has been performed, and all the other actions specified with greater precision in Art. 7 of Privacy Law 196/2003.  For other information: